I put together an API so other applications can interface with the database. If you need data in some form that isn't currently avaialble, let me know. And if you make an application that uses the database, please let me know so I can use it too...

XML Files

Here's an XML file in the format that google maps expects.

Here's an XML file in the format I use for a program I made awhile ago called Radioactive.

Quick Launch

Or you can link to individual streams like this:


Or this:


Play a random stream like this:


Or return a playlist of all stations like this:


Return a playlist of all stations in random order like this:


Note that some situations, like playing streams from a Chumby, require direct access to the stream, as opposed to returning a PLS file. In those cases, access it like this:


Get details about a station:


You can suggest new stations and flag stations for updating on the database page.

Note that every night the robot checks each stations to see if its up and produces this report.